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40 Ways to Pray -for Sunday worship

Day 30 – Pray for Sunday worship services

If you attend church, do you pray for the Sunday service?  Why not?

Do you expect the worship leader and pastor to deliver the goods week in and week out without the help of your prayers?

Do you consider your prayers to be ineffective or not needed?  Well let me say they are effective, and they are needed.

A church that is not powered by prayers and guidance from the Holy Spirit is a church that is guided by man.  And to be honest that is not really a church – that would be a club or social event.

A church should be powered by prayer.  To be honest that is the secret sauce of a successful church – prayer.  You want your church to be successful – pray for it!

My Prayer for Today

I lift up my church family of Graveston Baptist.  I ask that each of us that call ourselves members will prepare our hearts and minds to encounter Jesus when we gather on Sunday.  I pray for the preacher, the teachers, the music leaders, deacons, security and greeters all to be guided by the finger of God.  I also ask that if anything good comes from our time together that we would be careful to give God the glory!  In the name of Jesus I pray!


40 Ways to Pray – Silence

Day 29 – Pray in Silence

First of all it is difficult to find a place that is truly silent – but I think we all can find that time and place.  For some I know it can be difficult.  Others it may not be a challenge at all.

But find a time and place to just get alone with God.  In silence.

Today’s world is full of noise.  Radio, TV, dogs, cars, planes, birds, kids, parents and clocks all make a noise that can and will distract us.

How many worship services have you been in lately at church and the service had some quiet time?  We usually have to have some kind of music to fill the empty space, but what if there is not any.  Do you get uncomfortable?  Why?

I believe we need to find time to get alone with God in silence for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or even two.  Our minds are so conditioned to have constant input that it takes a while to adjust and be comfortable with no audible input.

But when we do get that time God is able to speak in volumes to us.  He will speak in that still small voice that we know, because we are His sheep – we know His voice.

When was the last time you sat in silence to listen to God?  Have you ever just sat and listened to God?  If not, you are missing a true blessing in this life.

My Prayer for Today

In the silence of the time I have today please speak to me in a still small voice that I know and will obey.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


40 Ways to Pray – Exercising

Day 28 – Pray while Exercising

I am not the most avid exercise person you will ever meet, but I do try to work out three or four times a week.  We recently joined a fitness center and I love to get in a good workout when time allows.

When I workout I am usually by myself whether in the gym or walking.  So I have a little time to myself and my thoughts.  So I try to turn them to a time of listening to God.

I find that I am more able to just listen while working out, because my mind is already occupied with what I am physically doing.  But it doesn’t take much to let my mind fill the gaps with asking God where do I need to be today?  What do I need to be doing?

If you are a person who likes to exercise, try just listening to God the next time your mind has some down time.

My Prayer for Today

Thank you Jesus for giving me the ability to physically work out and strengthen my body.  Please help me listen to You as I begin my physical exercise, and let my mind be exercised by You!  In the name of Jesus I pray.


40 Days of Prayer – Pray Questions

Day 27 – Pray Questions

I think little kids would be great at this kind of prayer.  What does a little kid want to know?    Why?

Why are we doing this?  Why did you do that?  Why do I need to do what you told me?  and a thousand other where and whys.

But their heart is inquisitive.  They really want to know because they don’t understand.  As adults we don’t want to act like we don’t have all the answers, or don’t want to embarrass ourselves by letting others know we don’t know the answer.   So we sit in silence without knowing.

But I don’t think we should do this with God.  The fact is – we don’t know all the answers, and He does.  Makes it quite simple don’t you think?

If you knew that you could get God to set at a table with you and allow you to ask any questions you want – what would they be?

For me they might start off with something like:

  • Why did you create this world to begin with?
  • Why do bad people seem to get ahead in life?
  • When are you going to come back on this earth?
  • What will Heaven look like?
  • and a daily question I try to ask is – What do You want me to do today?

For you they might be different.  They may be weighty or they may be simple.  But it doesn’t matter.  I believe God really does enjoy us asking questions.

My Prayer for Today

Lord I really do have questions and things that I don’t understand.  I know You have all knowledge and wisdom.  Please help me understand the questions that puzzle me as you are able to allow me this side of Heaven.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


40 Ways to Pray – with a Friend

Day 26 – Pray with a Friend

What kind of friends do you have?  Do you have friends like me who are Christians?  I gotta tell you those are the best kind!

I have friends who have prayed for me in the toughest of times and in the best of times.

It is these friends that I depend on when I need someone to help me pray.  It is so good to have a friend to depend on when I need it the most.

James 5:16 says to confess your sins to one another and pray for one another

I don’t have to confess my sins to a friend, unless my sins are against the friend, but instead my sins are against God.  But I should confess them to a friend to be honest with someone and have them hold me accountable.  I also should help my friends by praying for them.

My Prayer for Today

Dear Jesus, thank you for the friends in my life.  Thank you that You have given me friends that know You like I do.  They have their own relationship with You, and we together can come to you with our pains and joys.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


40 Ways to Pray – When you don’t know

Day 25 – How to pray when you don’t know what to pray for

There are times in my life when I am at a loss of words.  I get side tracked, lose focus or just not sure where to take a conversation.

I’m talking about loss of words in my prayers to God.  Sometimes I get to the place where I don’t know what to pray for.  And there are some times when I just don’t have words to say to Him.

In the same way the Spirit also joins to help in our weakness, because we do not know what to pray for as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with unspoken groanings.     Romans 8:26

I don’t know what to say sometimes because I am weak.  I am weak in my relationship with Jesus.

So what do I need to do during those times?  Ask the Holy Spirit to pray for me.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide me into a conversation.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give me the words I need at that moment in time.

My Prayer for Today

Lord thank you for how You help me talk to You when I do not even know how to.  Thank you that you know the words I need – when I need them.  In the name of Jesus I pray.

40 Ways to Pray – Looking at Stars

Day 24 – Pray while looking at stars

Have you ever sat or laid in your backyard and just looked up at the stars?

I recently sat in our backyard while watching a lunar eclipse.  I was of course waiting on the eclipse, and looking around at the stars in the sky.  Such a peaceful time in my backyard.

It also became a bit overwhelming to look at the vast array of stars.  To think that those stars are actually planets like the one I am sitting on right now.  I can’t begin to imagine how far away they are, what life is like on that planet (if any), and what kind of God could create all this?  Wow – just mind boggling.

So my mind wandered to the Creator and I wondered why He made this universe so big.  Was it so I could enjoy the awesomeness and beauty?  Was it for His enjoyment?  Did all those other planets have to be so ours could operate like it does?  I don’t know.  I hope I will get a chance to ask God about this one day.

But for now I just need to thank God for making me on this rock we call earth at a time like this.  I need to thank Him for the oxygen we breath and the sun that makes plants grow and warms by body.  What an awesome creation He has done in this planet we call earth.

My Prayer for Today

God thank you for putting all the planets in their place.  Thank you for putting me right here in this place.  Thank you that I can see the stars, and marvel at just how awesome you are.  In the name of Jesus I pray.

40 Ways to Pray -Walking

IMG_0386Day 23 – Pray while taking a walk alone

I love to get outside and do just about anything.  The most relaxing thing I do is to just walk.  I can walk in fields behind my house, or around the office complex at work.  It doesn’t matter to me really – I just like to get out and walk.

When I walk I am usually by myself and I that is by design.  I like to get alone while walking.

When walking alone I usually let me mind open up to listen to what God is saying to me.  I let the busyness of the day go for just a little bit, and spend time just listening.

I am able to listen to God a whole lot easier during these times.  I will listen to what He is saying about the day I am in or about situations that have been bothering me.  I can just listen without having an agenda.

My Prayer for Today

Lord thank you for the ability to walk and the places to walk.  Thank you for your wonderful creation and all who inhabit this earth.  Please speak to me clearly so I will know where and what You want me to do.  Not only guide my steps, but guide my mind.  In the name of Jesus I pray.

40 Ways to Pray – Listening to a song

Day 22 – Pray while listening to a spiritual song

Ok, you may say this way of praying was delivered today by Captain Obvious, but hear me out on this one.

How many of you drive down the road listening to a Christian radio station, CD or mp3 device?  I do.  And when I listen I have a tendency to sing along.  Do you?

When I am singing with the radio I am trying to keep up with the beat, the tone and the words.  (some would argue each of those when I sing)  My point being that I usually listen to a song to participate with the song.

But sometimes I listen to a Christian song and listen to the words.  Then sometimes I actually let the Holy Spirit speak to me through those songs.

Now to be honest, not all Christian songs have correct theology, and sometimes are just not Biblically correct – and I am not talking about those.

But there are some songs that are taken from the Bible, or speak to God in a way that should make us stop and think about the Creator that the song is pointing to.  And when I do that I am able to listen to what God has to say back to me through that song.  He can use anything to speak to me, and if I listen with my heart He can speak through a song.

My PRAYER for today

Lord when I turn on a song today that glorifies You, would you help me stop and listen to what You are saying to me through that song?  Help me to be aware that the song that lifts You up is a song that You can use to speak directly to me.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


40 Ways to Pray – In the Shower

Day 21 – Pray while taking a shower

I am an avid shower taker.  I will take at least one shower a day.  I have been known to take as many as three showers in one day.  [don’t hate me, I just like being clean]

There is one thing I love about being in the shower – it is quiet.  Other than the water flowing out of the head and falling on me and the shower floor it is quiet.  The water makes a constant hum that drowns out most other sounds that I could normally hear standing in our bathroom.  And I like that quietness.

It is in these quiet times that I am able to listen to God.  I find myself listening more than talking in the shower.  Not sure why that is, but I am much more receptive to listening to God that talking to Him.  And I need those times of just listening to His still small voice.

My PRAYER for today

Lord thank you for the quietness and solitude of my shower.  As I step in I give my thoughts to you.  Share with me what you want from me today.  In the name of Jesus I pray.