40 Ways to Pray -Walking

IMG_0386Day 23 – Pray while taking a walk alone

I love to get outside and do just about anything.  The most relaxing thing I do is to just walk.  I can walk in fields behind my house, or around the office complex at work.  It doesn’t matter to me really – I just like to get out and walk.

When I walk I am usually by myself and I that is by design.  I like to get alone while walking.

When walking alone I usually let me mind open up to listen to what God is saying to me.  I let the busyness of the day go for just a little bit, and spend time just listening.

I am able to listen to God a whole lot easier during these times.  I will listen to what He is saying about the day I am in or about situations that have been bothering me.  I can just listen without having an agenda.

My Prayer for Today

Lord thank you for the ability to walk and the places to walk.  Thank you for your wonderful creation and all who inhabit this earth.  Please speak to me clearly so I will know where and what You want me to do.  Not only guide my steps, but guide my mind.  In the name of Jesus I pray.

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