40 Ways to Pray – Listening to a song

Day 22 – Pray while listening to a spiritual song

Ok, you may say this way of praying was delivered today by Captain Obvious, but hear me out on this one.

How many of you drive down the road listening to a Christian radio station, CD or mp3 device?  I do.  And when I listen I have a tendency to sing along.  Do you?

When I am singing with the radio I am trying to keep up with the beat, the tone and the words.  (some would argue each of those when I sing)  My point being that I usually listen to a song to participate with the song.

But sometimes I listen to a Christian song and listen to the words.  Then sometimes I actually let the Holy Spirit speak to me through those songs.

Now to be honest, not all Christian songs have correct theology, and sometimes are just not Biblically correct – and I am not talking about those.

But there are some songs that are taken from the Bible, or speak to God in a way that should make us stop and think about the Creator that the song is pointing to.  And when I do that I am able to listen to what God has to say back to me through that song.  He can use anything to speak to me, and if I listen with my heart He can speak through a song.

My PRAYER for today

Lord when I turn on a song today that glorifies You, would you help me stop and listen to what You are saying to me through that song?  Help me to be aware that the song that lifts You up is a song that You can use to speak directly to me.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


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