40 Ways to Pray – In the Shower

Day 21 – Pray while taking a shower

I am an avid shower taker.  I will take at least one shower a day.  I have been known to take as many as three showers in one day.  [don’t hate me, I just like being clean]

There is one thing I love about being in the shower – it is quiet.  Other than the water flowing out of the head and falling on me and the shower floor it is quiet.  The water makes a constant hum that drowns out most other sounds that I could normally hear standing in our bathroom.  And I like that quietness.

It is in these quiet times that I am able to listen to God.  I find myself listening more than talking in the shower.  Not sure why that is, but I am much more receptive to listening to God that talking to Him.  And I need those times of just listening to His still small voice.

My PRAYER for today

Lord thank you for the quietness and solitude of my shower.  As I step in I give my thoughts to you.  Share with me what you want from me today.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


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