Student of Jesus

I am still working on the logistics on how to post the podcast on my social media outlets. It should be automated soon, but until then I wanted to share that episode 2 of the Humble Disciple podcast has been released.

If you could subscribe to the podcast through the podcast player that you use I would greatly appreciate it!

In episode 2 we talk about what it means to be a Student of Jesus.

I have been a student at Corryton, Gibbs, UT, Pellissippi and Tusculum. I have been a student learning computers, electronics and business. Now I am a student of Jesus – learning not just about Him, but trying to be more like Him.

We focused on three topics when it comes to being a student of Jesus:

Student for life

Embracing a Learning Mindset

The Role of Disciplines in Discipleship

Taiwan Toastmasters Podcast

In August of 2022 I attended the Toastmasters International Convention in Nashville, TN. While there I met a fascinating lady from Taiwan. Her English name is Ines Wen.

Ines has been very involved with Toastmasters activities in Taiwan for some time! She is part of a team that produces a podcast for Toastmasters called Lets Toast.

She interviewed me for their podcast while we were at the convention. Below is that podcast interview.

District 67 podcast – Let’s Toast

Ines and John

Blackberry Wisdom on Friends

I started a Live Series sharing content from my book Blackberry Wisdom. Each series will include 3 sessions. The first was on friends.

I wanted to share a few thoughts on friends. One aspect I always find interesting and a good conversation starter is on the five types of friends I believe we need in our life.






I believe we become the sum of our 5 closest friends, so having a well rounded group of friends makes your life more robust.

Watch each of the sessions here:

Session 1 – Friends: 5 types of friends

Session 2 – Being the friend you want to have

Session 3 – choosing and becoming the best spouse

good BBQ plate

Good BBQ with Blackberry Wisdom

You know may or may not know that BBQ in the South is just a way of life. Everybody usually knows how to cook good BBQ, or they know the place to find it. Sometimes both!

I have been barbecuing with my dad since 2008. Over the years I have learned a lot from Uncle Butch on how to prepare really good BBQ. On the competition BBQ circuit I was fortunate enough to pick up tips and tricks from some of the finest cooks in the USA.

So when we smoke a brisket there is a lot of history that goes into a cook. We surely don’t claim to be the best, but just really good in my book – most of the time! Our goal is to create good food and fun fellowship. THAT is a good BBQ in my book!

Good food + Fun fellowship = good BBQ – would you agree??

We had an opportunity to cook for a small business here in town, and I thought I would share some of the details that go into a good smoked brisket.

See the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/RvcaYxHxSDA

Let the picture above serve as your tease to watch – and make your mouth water! Let us know what you think…..

Blackberry Wisdom eBook Promotion

For those who haven’t had a chance to get my book Blackberry Wisdom – here is an incentive for you. For the next 2 weeks the kindle version will be $0.99!

I am trying to share the message of the book and request ratings on Amazon. If you already have a copy of my book could I ask you to leave a rating at Amazon?

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This past Sunday I had the honor of preaching for the first time since being ordained. I knew if I was only given one chance to preach, then I knew exactly what I would preach about – DISCIPLESHIP.

I thought I would share a link to our Sunday service at Mouth of Richland Baptist if you wanted to watch.

Discipleship is VERY important to me, and as a follower of Jesus it should be to us all.

The core of the message was explaining the characteristics of a disciple of Jesus:

A student of Jesus who:
increasingly loves God,
increasing loves others,
helps others do the same.

The Question of Divorce

The religious leaders were trying to trap Jesus in a legal issue on the legality of divorce according to Moses. The leaders really didn’t want to be answered – they wanted to trap Jesus.

But in typical Jesus form, He didn’t respond with an answer that would trap Him. Jesus gave foundational answers and let them decided how the issue should be handled.

I cover the foundational issues of sex, marriage and adultery as Jesus discussed in Matthew chapter 19.

the foundational characteristics of a Biblical marriage

Restoring a Brother/Sister

I liked the heading in my Bible for Matthew 18:15 – Restoring a Brother. Jesus is talking to His disciples about how to restore a relationship with another Christian that has gone bad. It may have just went bad a little, or a situation that is big and been around for some time.

As humans we have issues because of disagreements or just plain misunderstandings.

The point in Jesus’ teaching is there is a right way to restore that relationship. Follow the teaching of Jesus and watch out God takes care of the situation in ways we could never imagine!

Restoring Christian relationships

Honeybee package

My new package of honeybees came in the mail recently! I was so excited to install the package, and thought I would share the process.

It will take a year for them to grow the hive and be able to produce extra honey that I can extract, but this year they are a HUGE help to all my fruit trees and certain goodies in the garden. Their pollination in the area is a big benefit of honeybees, and of course some extra sweet honey one day.