Podcast launch – Corryton Bible Consideration

I am so proud to announce the launch of a new podcast – the Corryton Bible Consideration!CBC logo3

A close friend and fellow disciple of Jesus – Bryan Wright and I started this Bible study to share with fellow believers during this time of being sequestered at home and away from church families.  Our desire is to walk through the Bible in prayer and study, with the intent of becoming more like Jesus.

We have started in the book of James, and will consider the scriptures in about 15 minute segments at a time.

In each episode we will pray through a Psalm by reading a passage first and then pray to God what He reveals.  We invite you to read along with us and see what it is that God might say to you through His word!

Please give a listen, and subscribe if you enjoy.

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  1. R W

    My dear brother, I am writing you this with great news!

    I just got done listening to the podcast! You and Bryan are great and Cindy, too! When’s the next episode? Lol

    For the last 2 weeks now, maybe a little longer, I have been awake @ 0545 and read Gods word until around 0800. Then throughout the day I read as well. I started in the book of Daniel (why, I have no idea) I am in Zechariah Chapter 7 as of right now.

    I use the new living translation bible.

    When I first began reading, it being so early in the morning I was having a hard time beginning in prayer.

    Bryan Wright is so right in letting God speak to you first, letting him lead the discussion!

    John, God is melting my heart with his love. Throughout the day His spirit is speaking to me changing my ways into his ways. My response back to him is in my actions. I am desiring more and more to do what Jesus would do.

    Good on you guys! God is with you both. The dynamic duo, along with Cindy Lou who!

    Continue to go Onward in Christ’s love.

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