Keep your mouth closed

No, this is not advice that you should consider in public settings; however, it is not a bad idea at times.

I am talking about pulling weeds in your flower beds. Last night I was out digging and pulling weeds from my front yard flower bed. I was going to town just pulling weeds like there was no tomorrow. Then all of a sudden a big clump of dirt landed right on my tongue.

When I am working at something hard I have a habit of opening my mouth as part of the strain. I don’t know why. I really don’t.

What I need to focus on while pulling weeds is just to keep it closed! Keep my mouth closed so I don’t wind up with dirt where it is not appreciated!

Do you have little tics or habits like that? Do they ever get you in trouble or wind up with things where they don’t belong?

So if you see me out working and I have my typical open mouth facial expression just do me a favor. Kindly remind me to keep my mouth closed.

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