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Podcast launch – Corryton Bible Consideration

I am so proud to announce the launch of a new podcast – the Corryton Bible Consideration!CBC logo3

A close friend and fellow disciple of Jesus – Bryan Wright and I started this Bible study to share with fellow believers during this time of being sequestered at home and away from church families.  Our desire is to walk through the Bible in prayer and study, with the intent of becoming more like Jesus.

We have started in the book of James, and will consider the scriptures in about 15 minute segments at a time.

In each episode we will pray through a Psalm by reading a passage first and then pray to God what He reveals.  We invite you to read along with us and see what it is that God might say to you through His word!

Please give a listen, and subscribe if you enjoy.

Apple podcast – Corryton Bible Consideration

Libsyn – Corryton Bible Consideration


Zoom – Tips and Tricks

I started using Zoom back in the Fall of 2019.  It was a convenient way to meet with the officers of my Toastmasters club.  We would meet in person and then alternate the next month to online.  And was a pretty good little setup for us.

Then COVID-19 hit!  And it forced us to use Zoom as a means for meeting in the club as well as officer meetings.

So I am no expert at Zoom, but I have used it a fair amount.

I put together a short video with some tips and tricks on using Zoom.  I hope you find it helpful if you are new to Zoom.

To download Zoom to your device go to .  You should use the application instead of running from a web browser.  I don’t even think that is an option, but want to point it out as some have asked how to properly view a Zoom meeting.  So that is the first step.

With the free account you can share have a meeting with up to 100 participants.  They had a 40 minute limit on each meeting, but have lifted that restriction during the virus lock-down.

The best thing to do is download and start using it by yourself to get comfortable with the settings.  Test your video and audio from the settings menu.  You can even record yourself to see if your background, lighting, audio and camera view are to your liking.

Give it a try.  Let me know if the comments below if you have any questions.

Happy zooming!