40 Ways to Pray – Looking at Stars

Day 24 – Pray while looking at stars

Have you ever sat or laid in your backyard and just looked up at the stars?

I recently sat in our backyard while watching a lunar eclipse.  I was of course waiting on the eclipse, and looking around at the stars in the sky.  Such a peaceful time in my backyard.

It also became a bit overwhelming to look at the vast array of stars.  To think that those stars are actually planets like the one I am sitting on right now.  I can’t begin to imagine how far away they are, what life is like on that planet (if any), and what kind of God could create all this?  Wow – just mind boggling.

So my mind wandered to the Creator and I wondered why He made this universe so big.  Was it so I could enjoy the awesomeness and beauty?  Was it for His enjoyment?  Did all those other planets have to be so ours could operate like it does?  I don’t know.  I hope I will get a chance to ask God about this one day.

But for now I just need to thank God for making me on this rock we call earth at a time like this.  I need to thank Him for the oxygen we breath and the sun that makes plants grow and warms by body.  What an awesome creation He has done in this planet we call earth.

My Prayer for Today

God thank you for putting all the planets in their place.  Thank you for putting me right here in this place.  Thank you that I can see the stars, and marvel at just how awesome you are.  In the name of Jesus I pray.

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