40 Days of Prayer – Pray Questions

Day 27 – Pray Questions

I think little kids would be great at this kind of prayer.  What does a little kid want to know?    Why?

Why are we doing this?  Why did you do that?  Why do I need to do what you told me?  and a thousand other where and whys.

But their heart is inquisitive.  They really want to know because they don’t understand.  As adults we don’t want to act like we don’t have all the answers, or don’t want to embarrass ourselves by letting others know we don’t know the answer.   So we sit in silence without knowing.

But I don’t think we should do this with God.  The fact is – we don’t know all the answers, and He does.  Makes it quite simple don’t you think?

If you knew that you could get God to set at a table with you and allow you to ask any questions you want – what would they be?

For me they might start off with something like:

  • Why did you create this world to begin with?
  • Why do bad people seem to get ahead in life?
  • When are you going to come back on this earth?
  • What will Heaven look like?
  • and a daily question I try to ask is – What do You want me to do today?

For you they might be different.  They may be weighty or they may be simple.  But it doesn’t matter.  I believe God really does enjoy us asking questions.

My Prayer for Today

Lord I really do have questions and things that I don’t understand.  I know You have all knowledge and wisdom.  Please help me understand the questions that puzzle me as you are able to allow me this side of Heaven.  In the name of Jesus I pray.


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