40 Ways to Pray -for Sunday worship

Day 30 – Pray for Sunday worship services

If you attend church, do you pray for the Sunday service?  Why not?

Do you expect the worship leader and pastor to deliver the goods week in and week out without the help of your prayers?

Do you consider your prayers to be ineffective or not needed?  Well let me say they are effective, and they are needed.

A church that is not powered by prayers and guidance from the Holy Spirit is a church that is guided by man.  And to be honest that is not really a church – that would be a club or social event.

A church should be powered by prayer.  To be honest that is the secret sauce of a successful church – prayer.  You want your church to be successful – pray for it!

My Prayer for Today

I lift up my church family of Graveston Baptist.  I ask that each of us that call ourselves members will prepare our hearts and minds to encounter Jesus when we gather on Sunday.  I pray for the preacher, the teachers, the music leaders, deacons, security and greeters all to be guided by the finger of God.  I also ask that if anything good comes from our time together that we would be careful to give God the glory!  In the name of Jesus I pray!


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