40 Ways to Pray – for your Pastor

Day 31 – Pray for your Pastor

I don’t know that I have seen a more difficult job to have than that of a pastor.  I have a job where I work pretty hard, and I have deadlines and commitments.  But at the end of the day I usually leave work at the office till I come back the next day.

Well a pastor doesn’t do that.  He has to hear from God about the message that he needs to deliver either one and up to three times a week.  Then there is the general business of a church that the pastor gets involved with – it shouldn’t be that way but it does happen.  Then there is the ongoing spiritual needs that people have 24 hours a day.  From wrecks, surgeries, health issues, marital problems, domestic squabbles, moral failures and those looking for guidance, a pastor hears way too many issues in a weeks time.

And then he has to put all that behind him and stand before the congregation the next week and share how God loves us.  I tell you it is a tall order to fill.

Now, the next thing we need to realize is who is the greatest target that satan has in our church?  Do you think he goes after the one who throws a $20 in the plate, the husband that shows up because his wife is nagging him or the little old lady that has the gift of complaining?  No, satan already has them – no need to focus his efforts on those kind of people.

No satan wants to start at the top and work his way down to the weakest point to divide the church.  Satan will do all he can to disrupt, distract or derail a pastor.  And he will do it at a time that is most inconvenient to the pastor.

So how does a pastor get through a day and how does he bring a God inspired message each and every week?  Through his payers and the effective prayers of the congregation.

Don’t leave it all up to him to pray for his self and for you – not let’s turn that equation around.  Let’s pray for me and then for him.  And by the authority of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit our pastors will be surrounded by grace and our churches will be effective in the battle against satan.

My Prayer for Today

Lord I lift my pastor Sean up in prayer today.  I ask that satan not find a way to enter his heart or mind.  Please protect him from physical, mental and spiritual attacks.  Allow him to clearly hear from You so that we as a church can truly worship You in spirit and truth.  In the all powerful name of Jesus I pray.

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