Member of a local church

In this episode of the Humble Disciple podcast we cover how to express our love to God by being a member of a local church. I believe it is important to be a part of a healthy Bible following church, and we discuss what that looks like.

The episode covers the following:

The church is the Bride of Christ

Ephesians 5:22-30

If you love Jesus you will love His church. 

We are a member to Contribute

We should not look to get something from church, but to contribute to the church. True- blessings will follow when you give to God!

Time | Talents | Money | Resources (missions)

We are a member to be in community

Care for other believers, and for yourself when needed.

Share burdens, pray for each other

At the end we discuss the possibility of being hurt by church. I know people like that, and want them to hear this message: people hurt other people – most of the time not on purpose. We are all humans who have the ability to hurt another.

Restoring a Brother/Sister

I liked the heading in my Bible for Matthew 18:15 – Restoring a Brother. Jesus is talking to His disciples about how to restore a relationship with another Christian that has gone bad. It may have just went bad a little, or a situation that is big and been around for some time.

As humans we have issues because of disagreements or just plain misunderstandings.

The point in Jesus’ teaching is there is a right way to restore that relationship. Follow the teaching of Jesus and watch out God takes care of the situation in ways we could never imagine!

Restoring Christian relationships

Healthy Habits

How do you create a healthy habit?  I believe that we can set a goal of making a healthy habit.  Some people say if you do it for 21 days you will form a habit.  But I believe there are some circumstances that allow a habit to be formed quicker and sometimes longer.  It just depends on the three stages of forming a habit.