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This past Sunday I had the honor of preaching for the first time since being ordained. I knew if I was only given one chance to preach, then I knew exactly what I would preach about – DISCIPLESHIP.

I thought I would share a link to our Sunday service at Mouth of Richland Baptist if you wanted to watch.

Discipleship is VERY important to me, and as a follower of Jesus it should be to us all.

The core of the message was explaining the characteristics of a disciple of Jesus:

A student of Jesus who:
increasingly loves God,
increasing loves others,
helps others do the same.

The Question of Divorce

The religious leaders were trying to trap Jesus in a legal issue on the legality of divorce according to Moses. The leaders really didn’t want to be answered – they wanted to trap Jesus.

But in typical Jesus form, He didn’t respond with an answer that would trap Him. Jesus gave foundational answers and let them decided how the issue should be handled.

I cover the foundational issues of sex, marriage and adultery as Jesus discussed in Matthew chapter 19.

the foundational characteristics of a Biblical marriage

Restoring a Brother/Sister

I liked the heading in my Bible for Matthew 18:15 – Restoring a Brother. Jesus is talking to His disciples about how to restore a relationship with another Christian that has gone bad. It may have just went bad a little, or a situation that is big and been around for some time.

As humans we have issues because of disagreements or just plain misunderstandings.

The point in Jesus’ teaching is there is a right way to restore that relationship. Follow the teaching of Jesus and watch out God takes care of the situation in ways we could never imagine!

Restoring Christian relationships