Share Jesus Without Fear – probing questions

Part 2 of Share Jesus Without Fear has us asking probing questions. We ask questions from people to see if they are ready to hear the Gospel. We know from Bill Faye’s work that it takes an average of 6.9 times for someone to hear the Gospel before they accept. So if you are #1 talking to someone about Jesus they might not be to receptive to you. But if you are the 8th person, then their heart may be ready to listen and accept Jesus. We don’t know where a person is, so we ask probing questions.

The questions are simply:

1.Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs?
2. To you, who is Jesus Christ?
3. Do you believe in heaven or hell?
4. When you die, where will you go?
– Why would God let you in?
5. If what you are believing is not true, would you want to know?

You simply answer Hmmmm to their answer. Do not judge or correct. Simply listen to their answers until they are ready to listen to you about the wonder of Jesus.

You can also download a .pdf copy of the questions here: 5 Probing Questions about Jesus

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