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Share Jesus without Fear – the Decision

If you have asked probing questions of your friend and they want to learn more about Jesus.

And they have read and understood the scripture then they have a decision to make.

Do you want to ask Jesus into your heart and surrender your life?

I believe there are 3 responses that a person will give. Watch the video to learn, or download the file for your reference.

Download: Share Jesus Without Fear – the Decision

Share Jesus Without Fear – The Power of Scripture

In this session of Share Jesus Without Fear we will see how the power of Scripture can change lives.

It is through Scripture that God can speak to the heart of people. He alone can convict and draw people to Himself.

Once you have determined that the person you are asking probing questions to is ready to read scripture and listen to the Holy Spirit, then your job becomes that of a page turner. Yes – all you need to do is turn pages in the Bible so your person can read the Scripture for themselves and determine what God is saying to them.

The enclosed document will help you determine which Scripture to read. Mark the pages in your Bible so all you are doing is turning the page to the next scripture. God will do the heavy lifting at this point!

Download the Power of Scripture page now.

Share Jesus Without Fear – Common Fears

I am starting a series entitled Share Jesus Without Fear.  It is based on the book by William Fay.

First I believe we need to understand that as disciples of Jesus it is our duty to share Him with others – according to Matthew 28:18-20.

But how do we do that?

What fears do people have?

Bill defines six fears that keep people from sharing Jesus:

  1. I’m afraid of being rejected
  2. I’m afraid of what my friends will think
  3. I don’t think I can share with my coworkers
  4. I’m afraid of losing my friends and relatives
  5. I don’t know enough
  6. I don’t know how

In today’s session we will discuss these fears.


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