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Elder Wisdom eBook

Guatemala airplane
High above Guatemala

Have you ever been on an international mission trip?  If not have you wanted to, but something is holding you back?

Well if you have not because something is holding you back then you and I have – or had something in common.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to, but would not go on an international mission trip because of my stomach.  Spicy foods and weird things set my stomach in a rage at the most un-convenient times.  I finally let go and let God … and the results were amazing.

In 2011 a team from Graveston Baptist Church left one July morning headed to Guatemala on a mission trip through Clubhouse Guatemala.  I was nervous and excited all at the same time.  I wanted to be obedient, but just was not sure of the outcome.  I finally realized I was being led by faith!

I recorded some of the details and lessons I learned from that mission trip in my first eBook.  It is a short read with some fun relevant pictures, and I would be honored if you would download a copy to read.  It is indeed free – all I ask is to register with your email.

You can download the book right now by clicking on Elder!

I would would also like to hear what you think about the book and my experiences.  

Elder Rabbit Ears
Elder giving me “rabbit ears”

If you missed the link above you can always use this link: https://blackberrywisdom.leadpages.net/free-elder-ebook/

Favorite videos from 2013

Here are a few videos that I have enjoyed in 2013.

My son went with me to Guatemala this past summer.  It was such a treat for me to see him ministering to kids in a foreign country.  This short video shows him playing basketball in the middle of their free-for-all recess time.

Basketball in Guatemala

While in Guatemala I found a unique place to enjoy my quiet time in the morning:

Quiet Time in Guatemala

A review of our 2013 mission trip to Guatemala is set to Audio Adrenaline’s “Kings and Queens”.

2013 Guatemala Mission Trip Review

In our community several churches volunteer together for a sports camp in the summer.  We call it Cross Train Sports Camp, and kids from kindergarten up to 8th grade come to learn more about Jesus and get specialized training on their favorite sport.  This video was my daily favorite from the week:

2013 Cross Train Sports Camp: Tuesday review

At work a friend of mine works in an office that used to have three people, but recently one left the company and one works from home.  So this left Roger in the office by himself.  The problem is that he now calls our office to chit-chat and bounce ideas.  SO, we all chipped in and bought him something to talk to.  We call her Polly: