Good BBQ with Blackberry Wisdom

good BBQ plate

You know may or may not know that BBQ in the South is just a way of life. Everybody usually knows how to cook good BBQ, or they know the place to find it. Sometimes both!

I have been barbecuing with my dad since 2008. Over the years I have learned a lot from Uncle Butch on how to prepare really good BBQ. On the competition BBQ circuit I was fortunate enough to pick up tips and tricks from some of the finest cooks in the USA.

So when we smoke a brisket there is a lot of history that goes into a cook. We surely don’t claim to be the best, but just really good in my book – most of the time! Our goal is to create good food and fun fellowship. THAT is a good BBQ in my book!

Good food + Fun fellowship = good BBQ – would you agree??

We had an opportunity to cook for a small business here in town, and I thought I would share some of the details that go into a good smoked brisket.

See the video on YouTube:

Let the picture above serve as your tease to watch – and make your mouth water! Let us know what you think…..