40 Ways to Pray – for Wisdom

Day 17 – Pray for Wisdom

I heard Andy Stanley preach a series of messages on the best question.  He asked what was the best question of all time?  The best question according to Andy was – What is the wise thing to do?

When confronted with a decision he said to ask what is the wise thing to do?

In light of my past, failures, future, hopes and dreams – what is the wise thing decision?

I can’t tell you how profound this question has become to me, and how I have shared it over the years.

Solomon was recorded as the wisest man in the Bible. But how did he get that way? If you look in 1 Kings 3 you will see that God asked Solomon one night in a dream and told him he could ask for anything, and Solomon asked for wisdom.

What would you ask for? Money? Fame? Popularity? Property?

The good news is that if you ask God for wisdom – I believe He will give it to you!

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