40 Ways to Pray – Closer Relationship with Jesus

Day 16 – for a closer Relationship with Jesus

Who in this world knows you the best?  Is it your spouse, your mom, dad or best friend?  Who knows you well enough to finish your sentences?  Who do you trust and can be honest when you talk with them?  Who has the integrity that lets you respect them?

We have certain people who fit this bill – or parts of it.  They are the ones we call when the world seems to be beating us down, and the first one we want to talk with when something spectacular happens.  We trust them with our secrets, and we value their opinions.

I have family and friends who fit these criteria, but not all of them.  My wife is the first on my list, but I also have family and friends that I share certain information with and look to them for wisdom.  But what I also know is that just like me – they will fail me or fall short at times.

I have only one relationship that will not fail and that is with Jesus.

Jesus already knows my pains, joys, heartaches and passions.  He knows what I think and what I am going to think.  He knows where I came from and where I am going.  He just knows me.

The problem with our relationship is that I really do not know Him.  I have some knowledge of Him, but I really don’t know Him.  I don’t know His pains, joys, heartaches and passions.  So I have a hard time having a great relationship with Jesus.

Do you identify with this?  Do you know Jesus like He knows you?  To be honest I will never know Him like He knows me, but I need to be trying to know Him better.  I need to spend time learning what brings Jesus joy so our relationship can grow.

I believe there are at least seven ways to build your relationship with Jesus, and you can start with at least one of these just as soon as you read #7.

  1. Sacrifice for Jesus

  2. Communicate often and deeply with Jesus

  3. Serve Jesus

  4. Be patient with Jesus

  5. Be loyal to Jesus

  6. Share the same goals with Jesus

  7. Have fun with Jesus



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