40 ways to Pray – Pray with the Sick

Day 6 – Pray with Someone who is Sick

The Bible teaches in Matthew 14:14 that Jesus had compassion on people in a crowd and healed their sick.

In Mark 6:13 Jesus sent His disciples out to drive out demons, anointing the sick with oil and healing them.

James 5:13-15 teaches us that if we are sick to call for the elders of the church, to anoint us with oil and pray for us.

Now compare those two scriptures to what I hear today – “I will be praying for you”.

I think people have good intentions to pray for the sick and hurting, but rarely do.  And let me make a clear distinction between praying for the sick and praying with the sick.  Notice the difference?  It is proximity.  Praying with the sick indicates you and the sick person are near each other.

When we pray for a sick person I am careful not to say that this person will be healed, because that just may not be the will of God.  Healing in this body and healing we will have in Heaven are two different things.  I believe God can and will heal everyone who puts their trust in Him – one day.  It just may not be the healing we are expecting.

But I do like to pray with the sick for the following reasons:

  1. To encourage them.
  2. To hear what God has to say about the situation.  He gives me a word sometimes about a situation, but if it is not encouraging I might not share with the individual.
  3. To be obedient to what the Bible says about praying for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
  4. Healing comes from prayer.  If I just wish it, or send my thoughts I am really not doing anything of significance.  Only by the prayers of the righteous and humble will God hear and heal.


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