40 Ways to Pray – Pray with someone grieving

Day 7 – Pray with someone grieving

This I know about living on this earth – we all will grieve the death of a loved one. Why, well until Jesus comes back we all will die. We all will either leave this body behind and move into a glorified body heaven, or spend eternity in hell. One way or the other, we will leave this flesh and blood behind.

So we know people who will lose loved ones. When a saved person’s family grieves it is a sorrow of not being able to talk and share experiences with the person here on earth. But someone who was lost without accepting the saving grace of Jesus dies their family will suffer even more because they have no hope of ever seeing their loved one again.

So how do you pray with these folks?

  1. Pray with compassion. You know they are hurting, and sometimes they may only hear from God and can look up to God through your prayers.
  2. Pray for comfort. In troublesome times only God can provide true comfort. It is not my words or actions, but by abiding in Him.
  3. Pray for strength. I know that in hard times you have so many people offering with good intentions help, but all that attention, grief and pain just wears a body down.       Pray that God will sustain their strength and provide rest when appropriate.
  4. Pray for guidance.  When death happens it is usually traumatic.  During a tragedy making decisions is usually pretty hard, so pray that God will give a clear mind or for the decision to be shared with someone else.

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