March blog reviews

THESE ARE SIMPLY THE These are the posts and articles that I have found to be helpful in the month of March 2015.

THREE MUSLIM MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT CHRISTIANS  This is helpful to know and understand if you are trying to witness to a muslim.  It is also very interesting to note as a Christian how others look at our faith belief.

How we study the Bible  Reading the Bible is crucial to a maturing Disciple of Jesus.  How you read varies, but these folks offer some good advice.

Lord, make me a Generous Father  Oh how I need to give more of my generosity to my children.

5 MORE Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women  Well the title tell the story, but linked in this story is also the first 5 things a married man should do around single women.

Something Every Parent Should Know  A short but good read.

Does She Expect You To Read Her Mind?  This game I am never good at!  Do you married couples play this game – and if so how is it working out?

Dating a non-virgin  I found this article to be wise in handling the failures of premarital sex.  I hope it would give you cause to stop and consider the virtues of a virgin at marriage, and how to adopt to someone who is not.

How To Pray All Day – We certainly need to keep our roots firmly in the source to weather each day’s battles.  Who else can you turn to – EVERY TIME of need?

4 Reasons why God wills work – Work is good.  Once you understand why, then I think you will appreciate it more.  John Piper gives a great description of why God wants us to work.

Lunar Eclipse – April 4 – If you are following the events this year concerning the 4 blood moons you will be interested to know the 3rd of the 4 will be on April 4th.  This web site tells you when and if you can see the eclipse in your part of the world.

Parenting in a Hyper-Sexualized Culture – Boy this is tough to deal with today.  The types of access we have to sexually charged material is overwhelming at times.  Heath Lambert gives some good parenting advice here.

7 Steps to Good Sleep – Good advice here.  Something I needed myself.  See if you can’t find an easy tip to get better sleep.

Church Links

9 Marks of an Unhealthy Church – Kevin DeYoung offers 9 marks of a church that isn’t doing so well.

What if Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?  Funny video that hits home in a few ways.  Hope your church cannot identify with too many of these “starbucks” practices.

Why churches are stage driven – Wow, this article was so on target.  Ministry is messy, but ministry is needed in our communities – no matter what.

9 Technological Trends Every Church Should Consider – YES  We need to be relevant in the culture to present the Gospel that is life changing!

Witchdoctors, Football and understanding Africa – ok this may be the most different post on my list, but if you read it I hope it makes you think.  The last line sums it up well: our struggle is not against flesh and blood.

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