February Blog reviews

SIMPLY THE BEST Here are some of the better blog posts I have read over the past month.  I want to share these great articles that I hope will enhance your wisdom.

Rules for Biblical Dating  I thought these were really good.  I even spent time covering them with my son.

Why Singing is Essential  If you catch me singing in my vehicle you will understand why.

Godly Advice for Teenagers  This advice is good for teenagers as well as adults.  I will use these principals in my devotion with my son.  You might find a similar use for such sage words.

Seven Essential Elements of an Effective Shepherding Ministry  If you are a leader (shepherd) then these are wise words to follow.

Why and How Every Father Should Be Affirming His Young Son The affirmation of a father should not be underestimated, neither should the lack of one be ignored.

20 Scripture Verses that Define Mature Manhood  I shared my thoughts on what it means to be a man last year (read that blog here).

Manturity has now listed 20 Bible verses that define a man.

Difficult path for Christian florist  I have somewhat heard of this story for the past few years, and can’t believe it is still in the news.  But I think we should be praying for this florist who is making a bold stand against a government gone too far out of bounds.

Church links

The Top Ten Most Fiercely Defended Traditions in Churches  If your church is older than 3 years I’d say you could identify with at leas one of these tightly held traditions.

How to Make Announcements in Worship Services  As a church leader I find effectively communicating in the local church to be more difficult than I had ever imagined.  Thom gives some thoughtful ideas into how others are communicating church announcements.

10 Ways to read your Community  I agree and think we need to know our community so we can properly shine the light of Jesus into a dark world.


  1. Manturity (@Manturity)

    Brother, thank you for featuring a couple of the Manturity articles! I am humbled and thankful that you took the time to read and that God is using them in powerful ways beyond Manturity!

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