April blog reviews


Road Rage Victims and Perpetrators – This article hit home for a couple reasons.  I have experienced road rage personally and do NOT like it.  Secondly, I was able to be a contributor to the article with a few of my own “not so proud” moments.

4 Reasons to Believe in the Empty Tomb – I like the way this starts: Was the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth found empty after his crucifixion? If not, then Christianity is the greatest lie in history.

Bullied Kid’s Response – This video from To Save A Life should be watched by all middle and high school kids – with their parents.

Church Links

Why Leadership Matters for Small Groups – Being the small groups leader at my church I recognize that leaders who can follow the direction of the church and lead their group to follow as well is SO important.  I personally see where the lack of a strong leader makes a wayward group.

Inactive Church Member an Oxymoron – Yep.  If you are a church member there are requirements for being so!

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