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November Blog Reviews


Inside the International Space Station – Ok, I have to admit this is pretty cool to me.  I’m not sure that I could live for a few months in space.  This video answers some of the big questions I have on how the ISS works.  ….very interesting!

Matt Bevin’s family tragedy and strong Christian faith – here a little about the new governor of Kentucky

Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie? – Ok got to have a little fun every now and then.  Take this quiz and see if you can tell which are from the fortune cookies and which are from Joel Osteen.

Advice For a Young Man Dating a Young Woman – great advice to all the single men out there.

7 Gospel-Centered Principles for Protecting Your Marriage – and sage advice for those of us who are married.

Three Reasons to Not Make Sexually Immoral Jokes – yep this one got me.  I needed to hear this word said this way.

How to Prep for the Flu – I hope you listen to this video before you need it.

Church Links

How Do You Walk Into Church? – this short article is actually a book review, but it sure got me to think about what I do when I walk into church.

The System I Use for Long Term Scripture Memorization – I like the simplicity and the repetition to make scripture memorization stick.

August Blog Reviews


Getting to the Heart of Parenting with Paul Tripp – good parenting advice

35 Things I wish I would have know in High School – great wisdom being shared here from a 35 year old mother.  Good to cover these with your high school children.

In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions – our political correctness in the USA has gone way too far.  This is a great example of the media hyping what seems to be a travesty against animals, but really is a good thing to the people that live in fear of tigers.

9 Sins the Church Is Okay With – We might not be ok with all of these, but we sure have a way of letting a lot of these slide.

July blog reviews


You are not a good leader if you never tell people you are sorry – this title pretty well explains itself

10 Questions for Christians Who Support Gay Marriage – I thought these questions were well thought out and appropriate when talking with someone about alternative marriages.

Why Do Christians Advocate Obeying Leviticus Regarding Homosexuality but Not Other Laws? – In this video Denny Burk examines one of the most common arguments against some of the Old Testament’s moral laws, such as the one found in Leviticus 18:22 regarding homosexuality.

9 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE CONFEDERATE FLAG CONTROVERSY – This article does a good job in explaining some aspects of the confederate flag.  Not complete, but you may find some information that you did not know … I did.

How We Do Family Devotions – if there is one thing I have failed at as a father it is in leading family devotions.  This article led me to get back to regular family devotions.  They don’t have to be long or complicated…

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June blog reviews


Guidance on how to be a man – the Bible clearly defines a Bible.  This is a good description with references.

8 Ways to Honor Marriage – I love reading ideas that help me help my marriage.

Should Christians accommodate transgender naming? – Denny Burk does a good job responding to the confusion of Bruce Jenner.  I myself have been a little less graceful in my comments to others, so I am learning here.

Three Neglected Aspects of Bible Study – I don’t like to admit it, but I agree that sometimes reading the Bible is hard.

Teach Your Child to Have Devotions – I have not done well in family devotions.  I pray that this short word of encouragement may help other families be better and teaching God’s word in the home.

Church Links

4 STRATEGIES FOR BETTER DISCIPLESHIP – I so agree we need to do a better job with the Great Commission.

Reflections from an AME Prayer Vigil – I find it interesting to hear people when they go to worship some place different than what they know, or have been accustomed.  I grew up Methodist, and am now Southern Baptist.  I have worshiped in a Spanish speaking church.  I have not visited many different churches, but I have shared with people of different race, age, background and beliefs.  I say all this to say that it is just wonderful when we come together to worship a God who understands all languages, colors, hangups and faults.  He makes a way for true worship to happen, when you truly come to worship Him!

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Southern Baptists – I didn’t grow up a Southern Baptist, and only became one after I married one.  However, I can say what I know about Southern Baptists make me proud to be a part of the denomination.  We are not always right or Jesus focused, but neither is any other church or denomination.  I do think that the SBC is applying the Great Commission better than any other church body, and that is what Jesus told us to do right before He left this earth.

5 QUESTIONS I WISHED MY ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER WOULD ASK ME – great questions to include with your Discipleship Group on occasion.

May blog reviews


What the Media Isn’t Telling You Regarding the Judicial Arguments Over Same-Sex Marriage – this article brings out an aspect of the same-sex marriage argument that I had thought, but never seen articulated.  A great read for anyone concerned with same-sex marriage.

Reflections from the Supreme Court Sidewalk – well written review of the circus outside the Supreme Court.  Dr Russell also points to how we should react to the wide range of pundits on this issue.

8 QUESTIONS ABOUT PRAYER YOU WERE PROBABLY TOO EMBARRASSED TO ASK – we had a Prayer Conference at my church in May, and these questions were brought up in preparation.

How do I know I am a Christian?  These are some good indicators to know if you truly are a Christian.  I also want to note there is a difference in being called a Christian and actually being a Christian.

Church links

Eight Common Characteristics of Successful Church Revitalizations – If your church is not deepening relationships and making disciples, then you need to read these 8 characteristics that Thom Rainer points out.

Is Christianity Dying?  Russell Moore gives a great description of what Christianity looks like in America and where it is heading.

EVANGELICALISM CONTINUES TO GROW WHILE CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA DECLINES – here is another article noting the decline in “Christians”.  All these tell me is we need to dig our stakes deeper!

Why Plant a New Church in the Bible Belt? – Yes we do need more churches … everywhere.

Seven Things Church Members Should Say to Guests in a Worship Service – sometimes we feel awkward with what to say to guests at church.  Thom lays out 7 suggestions that we all should be saying to guests.

The 7 Characteristics of Servant Leadership – whoever is great among us must be a servant.