Easter week for a Christian

Version 2

This is Easter week!  So how should we be looking at Easter week?  As a disciple of Jesus I think our outlook on this week should be drastically different than a non-Christian.

Those without Jesus in their life this week can signal a week of fresh beginnings – since Spring also starts this week.  The landscapes will be in early bloom with the anticipation of Summer to follow.  For some it is an excuse to drag out the lighter clothing  and put away the winter heavies.  Then others see this week as a time to make baskets and hide eggs with children.  And all of those are good in their own right.

But for Christians Easter should mean so much more.  We talked about it in our church that Easter is the super bowl for Christians – this is the big week that our faith is based on.

This Easter week is special to me and here is why:

Palm Sunday – Jesus entered into Jerusalem on this day as a hero to the Jews.  They were so excited that their King was coming back, and they hoped He was going to establish His kingdom and rule here on earth.

The Lord’s Supper – Jesus shared the last supper with His disciples.  He set an example that we follow today by remembering His sacrifice on the cross by taking of the bread (His body) and the juice (His blood) in what we call Holy Communion.

The cross – Jesus was arrested and beaten, tried in an open court and sentenced to death.  In all the events leading up to death on the cross Jesus never retaliated or showed anger towards those who did Him wrong.  Then and the time of His death the earth shook and the veil in the temple was ripped signifying that we now have direct access to God the Father!

Burial – Jesus was wrapped in cloths and laid in a borrowed tomb.  The entrance was sealed shut and he laid silent for three days.

Resurrection – then on the third day He came out of that borrowed tomb under His own power!  He met and talked with people during that time, and His body was in a state of being human flesh and a glorified body.  Then forty days after He rose from the dead He left earth and went to Heaven where He waits for our arrival.

That’s why Easter is exciting to me!

It is because of the resurrection of Jesus and my belief in Him that one day I will live forever in a glorified body in Heaven!

Yep – that’s something to be excited about.


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