December Blog Reviews


Nine Consequences of Debt – I totally agree, and most people would.  I think sometimes folks slide into debt slowly and unintentionally.

The Cure for Student Narcissism – there is only one thing that my daddy taught me to do well – work.

The perfectly respectable environmental movement has been hijacked by climate radicals – I sure do like clean air, streams and roadsides.  I have done my part to keep them clean and will continue to do so.  But for the life of me I cannot see how intelligent adults can claim that humans can create or effect “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” or whatever the next term will be.  It just baffles my mine.  I agree the climate changes – it changes every season where I live.  Shoot – sometimes it even changes from day to day.

How to Use A Family Prayer Jar – I really like this idea for family prayers

STRIVING FOR A MORE INTENTIONAL LIFE OF PRAYER – I like the theory and organization of time given to prayer by Erik.

THE UNIQUENESS OF CHRISTIAN PARENTING – For those of you who are a Christian parent like me let me encourage you to not give up and stay on the course or Heavenly Father has shown us.

8 signs you are a selfie-centered Christian – Ouch, but yeah

How to Change Your Mind – I think a better title to this article should be “How to absorb the Bible” – but it is not, and it is my introduction

2015 Christian Music Review – I always enjoy a good year end review, but this one was especially good because I learned some new artists.  Spend a little time and enjoy.

Church Links

How to evaluate your church’s worship service – These make sense and focus on what our worship should be about.

6 ways to strengthen Evangelism in your church – I agree and we need to do a better job at our church

4 Reasons for Burnout in Church Ministry – this is a short read, but truly says a lot about keeping focus on God and not burning out.

WWHDD: WHAT WOULD HIS DISCIPLES DO? – A good article to consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? – Dr Mohler does a great job explaining the differences in faiths.

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