September Blog Reviews


Waging War For Your MarriageWar Room is by far one of the best movies I have seen in a while.  Not because of the acting or directing, but because of the message of prayer that it focuses.  This post is a great reminder of how to use prayer in our marriages.

How Do I Talk to My Kids about Abortion? – In these confusing times we all need to hear voices of reason that help us understand and share the truth.

What Girls Should Demand – As a father of a daughter and a son I say – AMEN

Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol – one lady’s revealing moment changed the way she looks at alcohol.  Ask yourself – why do you or why do you not drink alcohol.

10 Surprising Facts About LEGO – I did not know the history of the LEGO or what it meant.  Now I do, and so will you if you read this fun little post.

Church Links

Do You Know How We Got the Bible? – absolutely interesting to me – I bet you as well

Building a Cloud of Witnesses – good article that all leaders of church volunteers should read

10 Things you Can’t Expect from Church Volunteers – wow another hard hitting article.  A couple of these hit me right between the eyes, and I need to do better.

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