Good ain’t good enough

Buddy – How are you doing?
Me – Good.  How are you?
Buddy – Good
Me – Good

GoodWho is good and what really is good any more?

The above conversation happens all too often in my life it seems.  And I for one am ready to put an end to it.

Webster’s defines good in several ways:

of high quality;of somewhat high but not excellent quality; correct or proper; of a favorable character or tendency; free from injury or disease; not depreciated; commercially sound

So which is it – how are you really?

And then to hear it is good that I am good.  Well that is just good to hear.

I think.

I propose a new wording for our greetings.  What if we greeted each other with something other than good?  And how about how I am doing is something other than good?

I have tried in the past few weeks to eliminate good from my greeting vocabulary.  It is hard at times because good is just so ingrained in our minds to respond when asked how you are doing.  But I am trying.

Here are some of the responses I have been providing:

  • I am well.
  • I’m just fine.
  • Doing better than I deserve!
  • Really swell.

Does anyone feel the way I do?  Am I on my own on this one?

Will somebody stand with me?

It sure would be good if you did!

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