Reading List

Listed below are some of the books I have found helpful in my life.  I will try to provide my review of each of these books without giving intellectual property away.

Growing Up

by Robby Gallaty

Growing UpI don’t know that a book has ever so riveted me to action like Growing Up.  This book was suggested to me at a missions conference, and for some reason I just felt I had to buy it and start reading it.  Well once I started reading it I could not quit.  There are not many books that have ever had this effect on me, but the message Robby was sharing was directly from Jesus – and needed.

It is all about making disciples.  This was the last thing Jesus told us followers to do was to make disciples.  I believe like Robby, that the church today has wandered away from the mandate, or we made it a program that actually does not produce disciples who make disciples.

After reading the book I prayed, and started the first discipleship group in our church.  We have been meeting and what blessings the Lord has shown us.  We have been though some rough and good times together, but more importantly our relationship with Jesus has grown.

I highly suggest this book to every Christian!

I am a Church Member

by Thom Rainer

I am a Church MemberThom Rainer has recently become a favorite author of mine.  His insights to church dynamics is really awesome.  Because he has access to the latest church statistics he has a unique insight to today’s church.

Because he is a pastor I appreciate his insights to today’s church as well.

I am a Church Member is a short read, but man is it helpful and packed with relevant information!  I read the book in only two settings – and for me that is remarkable.  But I really wanted to read the book and absorb it’s message.  I wanted it to last longer, but the book got straight to the points at hand.  After I read it I went back and made notes to help my comprehension.

As a church leader I found the book to be an absolute treasure for guidance.  As a church member I found it to be convicting as well as encouraging.

Buy a book for you and every member of your leadership team.


48 Days to the Work You Love

by Dan Miller


It has been several years now that I started listening to Dan Miller on the radio.  I found his radio talk show and followed him to his podcasts.  Dan is one of those guys who just inspire me to do great things.  He is just so confident in what he does, and that I can do them as well if I just set me mind to it!

I first bought his workbook for my own help.  I followed the workbook, but never took the next steps as it directed.  [no fault of Dan’s]  Although I never took the steps needed to follow my dreams the ideas are still with me and I feel I am moving closer to them this very day.

I later bought his book 48 Days to the Work You Love and have actually bought and shared them with young adults I know who were searching for their niche in this world.

Anyone who has an idea of being your own boss – whether full-time or just to pursue a dream – should buy Dan’s book and see just where it will take you!


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