40 Ways to Pray – Country Leaders

Day 34 – Pray for the Leaders of our Country (USA)

Today’s prayer is not concerned with the political view you may have with those leading our country.  I don’t agree with the way our current leaders are guiding our country.  I have two ways to change them:

  • The power of the ballot box
  • Prayer

I do vote in every election.  Whether I agree with those I have to choose from or not, I still cast my vote for the best person that has agreed to run for office.  I tell you, you may not agree that we have the best persons running for a particular office, but if nobody else wants to go through the scrutiny of public office what do you do?  You vote for the best option of those who agreed to lead in that capacity.

I think we fail to lift our leaders up in prayer.  Whether they understand or ask for our prayers I feel it is our duty to pray for them.  If nothing else, maybe God will change our mind to how things are currently being ran.

My Prayer for Today

God I ask that you bless the leaders of our country.  Those that have agreed to a leadership role will be held to a high standard that others.  Please help to ensure that these people understand that principal and show them truth and wisdom in their decisions.  In the name of Jesus I pray.

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