40 Ways to Pray – Pray over a Decision

Day 13 – Pray over a decision

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have big decisions I need to make come up quite often here lately.  Between my wife, children, family, church and work it seems I need to be making more decisions every day.

Now I feel that God guides me each and every day, and I really don’t have a problem making a decision.  From military training and my walk with the Lord, I feel I have been gifted and tested with the confidence to assess a situation and make the most informed decision.  I am not one to wait too long to pull a trigger, but then again sometimes I do not give decisions enough time to develop.

But with that said, there are certain things that I just do not have clarity about that I need to bring to God for direction.  These decisions come at me from situations in which I have not been exposed before.  All decisions should be made with the goal of bringing glory to God.

Sometimes it is the small decisions we make daily that add up to long term consequences or rewards.  We take these smaller decisions lightly sometimes, but I think we need to ask the Lord before we make any decision.

I need God’s direction in these type of decisions:

  1. What I need to do during a particular day.  I need God to show me what He is up to and how I can be involved.
  2. Family decisions are most difficult at times.  In raising our children and relationship decisions I need God to give me wisdom and not rely on my own understanding.
  3. With financial decisions I rely on God first then my wife.  She has a much better head about financial decisions than me – or let’s just say she is more conservative in financial decisions than me.
  4. In my job I decide how to treat customers, how to relate to my coworkers, and how to map out my long term objectives.  I need God to help me make the best decisions for those each day.


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