40 Ways to Pray – REVIVAL

IMG_0008Day 12 – Pray for revival

The church Jesus established will not go away. It cannot die and it will not be replaced. But if you are just somewhat aware of the spiritual decline in the United States you will most certainly agree that today’s church is weak.

We are in dire need for a revival of God’s people.

A revival is needed during a period of apathy, defeat, moral decline and desperation.

A revival will happen when God’s people are desperate in prayer for God to revive the church with His powerful intervention and blessings.

I believe these are the characteristics and waves that define a revival.

  1. Timing – revivals come during times of spiritual and moral decline, and that leads to fervent prayers. We can ask for it, but only God knows the time and circumstances are right for Him to allow it.
  2. Prayer – God will put the desire for a revival into the hearts of His people who respond with earnest prayer.
  3. God’s Word – the preaching and reading of God’s Word will bring deep conviction and desire for revival.
  4. The Holy Spirit – will take people to a desire for dependance of God that we cannot ask for on our own.
  5. Conviction – the lost will be convicted of their need for a Savior, and the saved will be convicted of their separation from God by sin. Both will cry out to God
  6. Glory to God – from revival God will be glorified and His name will be lifted above all others for the gifting of revival.
  7. Cyclical – a revival will not last, and a time will come again when revival in the hearts of God’s people will be needed.

So the question now for you is – do you think this country and God’s people need a revival?

If so, know this – it will begin in YOUR prayers.


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