40 Ways to Pray – Pray over Meals

Day 11 – Pray over meals 

I am a fortunate man no doubt. I will average around three meals a day. Breakfast is by far my favorite, and the one I do not like to miss.

The one thing I try to do with my meals is to give thanks for them. No I don’t always remember to do so, but I should. I think there are at least three good reasons to ask a blessing over your food before you eat.

  1. I am thankful for the resources and ability to even have access to three meals a day. I know that everybody in this world doesn’t have this opportunity.
  2. I need to remind those that I am eating with that we need to give thanks for the food God has provided.
  3. To be a witness for those who see me that I am a Christian and that I stop to give thanks for my meals.

One thing I have read recently that I totally agree with is not to ask God to nourish my body with the food I am about to eat when it is nothing but junk. God does want to bless me and strengthen my body. But lets be real – when I put junk in my body I should not expect God to perform some kind of miracle and make my body flourish from it. I have to do my part and eat food and drink that are wholesome and nutritious.

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