40 Ways to Pray – Pray while Driving

Day 10 – Pray while driving

If you are new to prayer this might seem a bit strange to you, but I get a lot of quality time of prayer in while driving. And no it is not because I am fearful for my life or those around me in rush hour traffic, it is because I am alone with God.

The Bible tells us many postures to assume while praying. We can pray with our head bowed, with our eyes lifted toward Heaven, with our eyes closed, and with our eyes wide open.

Now I am going to make a big suggestion to you here – do not close your eyes and pray while driving. You just might meet Jesus faster than you anticipated….

While I am driving I sometimes just turn the radio off and listen to what God says to me. I will bring up some situations that I am dealing with that day and see what He says about them. Do I need to pay more attention to something, do I need to dig into a situation, or do I just need to let something go? If I will just be still in my mind and listen to our Father, He will direct me.

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