40 Ways to Pray – Pray the Scripture


Day 2 – Pray the scripture

I think praying the scripture is pleasing to God, because it is saying what He thinks is important (the Bible) back to Him.  It is like someone quoting that thing you always say that makes you feel smart or wise.  Or bragging how you told somebody something.  It really makes you feel good to hear someone lift your words up.

Well the same goes with God.  He wants to hear us lift Him up and brag on His words.

So how do you do that?

Let’s take Psalm 86 for example.  Get your Bible out, don’t read this one online today.  When you read this chapter you will see it is a prayer to God.  Go ahead and read it, then read it out loud.

Next read the words as if you were saying them directly to God.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you speak the words and listen to the thoughts He puts in your mind.

This is praying the scripture!  Pick another scripture and follow the same format.  I think the key here is listening to what God wants to say to you through that prayer.

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