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Good to Great: look #2 into John Grigsby

Good  ————— > Great

This is look #2 into some of the things that make me who I am.  I want to live a life that is not just good but great.  It is a continuation from Look #1 post.John BlueLighthouse

I list here a few more events and seasons that I feel have shaped me wanting my life to be counted as more than just good:

Church – I have held a few positions in the church since I married and started settling down.  I have been among other things a youth leader, Sunday School teacher and now a Sunday School director.  Here again I found myself seeking out what a great leader in those positions looked like, and try to be even better.

Of course for church (and really everything I do) I have someone I really do want to impress, and that is my Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ.  I really do want to do my very best because of what He has done for me and who He is to me.  Jesus set a perfect example of how to be a great leader.  I cannot be perfect like Him, but my goals are to be more like Jesus every day.  And if I can just get closer each and every day then I feel I am trying to be great!

Husband – Knowing what an idea husband looks like seems to be a bit more subjective.  I know what my father looked like as a husband – at least from the eyes of a child.  I had friends who had good dads, but I only saw those men as a friend of their child.  I have seen movies and TV shows that portrayed a husband, but those were only made for viewing entertainment.   So where on earth could I find what a great husband should look like?  I found the answer in my Bible.

The Bible clearly says that a man should love his wife as Christ loved the church and love her as he loves himself. (Ephesians 5:25-33)  This is a serving sacrificial kind of love where you put your spouse before yourself.  If you really understand that concept, then you know that I have struggled with meeting that expectation.  In the early part of our marriage I really labored with putting her needs ahead of mine.  As I learn more about Jesus, I am learning better how to love her – but still fall short.  I have made a lot of selfish mistakes, and at times have not treated her like I should have.  I am so thankful for her patience and forgiveness.

As a husband I should strive to be a great helper, encourager, lover (physically and sacrificially), leader, listener, provider, fixer, and faithful visionary.

The first example of a husband I knew in my life was of course my dad.  Dad has shown devotion and love to my mom by giving of himself to her.  He doesn’t want to go to some of the places she wants to go and see sometimes, but he goes because he loves her.  I have seen them argue and disagree before, but dad has set a great example for me by keeping his vows to my humble mom for close to 50 years now.

Archie Johnson taught me through his actions how to be a humble husband and father.  He allowed me to go on vacations with their family growing up, and he always treated me just like I was one of his own.

Dad – I love our children so much and I really wanted to be the best dad to them that walked the earth!  However; I know I have fell short many times.  I have fed my personal wants and desires over theirs at times.  I have let my anger take control of my mouth and actions at times.  But I really do want to be the best dad I can possibly be.

A great dad I think provides guidance, discipline, encouragement, is a helper, a listener, a teacher and an example.  I have wanted them to see me committed to being a great example for them.  They were able to see me graduate from college at the age of 31.  They have seen me win awards from work.  They have seen me have fun on vacations and while coaching ball teams.  They have seen me serve as a leader in our church and at school.   I really have tried to live my life as a great example for them.

A few years ago I expressed my desire for our family be known as giving, loving, passionate Christian family.  We even created a family crest to visualize these characteristics.  If we are known by these qualities, then I feel I have been successful as a dad.

There is none like You, O Lord ;  You are great, and great is Your name in might.  Jeremiah 10:6

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater  works  than these he will do; because I go to the Father.  John 14:12

Good to Great: look #1 into John Grigsby

Good  ————— > Great

Following up from my testimony post, I wanted to share other factors that make me the quirky guy that I am.John BlueLighthouse

As far as I know, I grew up a pretty normal kid.  I don’t remember anything that made my childhood either extraordinary or lacking.  Nor do I remember being driven by any strong goals or passions.  Just a simple country way of life with the same struggles most families had in the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.

Let me describe a few events and seasons that I feel have shaped me to wanting my life to be counted as more than just good:

Army – I think my time in the Army did something to me I have never had in my life – it instilled in me a passion to be the best.

I think it started in basic training.  I graduated with a full battalion of Infantry men with the 10th Mountain Division in Ft Benning, Georgia.  Through basic I feel I did by best, and found most of the tests to be well within my physical abilities.  At graduation I realized my scores were at the top of my company, but I was not selected as the top soldier.  My best friend won the top prize and I was glad for him, but just wondered what more I needed to do.  How much of what I thought was great was only really good.  Through much contemplation I realized that although I met the physical requirements, I was not very outgoing and brought no positive attention to myself.  So I set out to slowly correct those.

Other training and trials in the Army drove me to realize that I liked the feeling of being the best. Subconsciously I started striving to be the best in all my endeavours.  I wanted to be the best mortar gunner, on the best squad in the best company of our battalion.  I just felt a drive to be the best.  I don’t recall a specific instance that developed my drive, but I think it was a gradual setting of my expectations by dialing in the passions I had deep down in my heart.

When I think of great soldiers I think of my buddy Wes who was that guy that did win the top soldier award at our basic training ceremony.  Wes’ dad Jim and mom Brenda were Army veterans, and they set an example for Wes to follow when it came to Army life.  Wes just sort of knew what to expect in the Army and it gave him confidence.  He also was a go getter and would do the hard things that others would not – and that separated him in a good way.

I also think of my platoon leader Sergeant Charles Lewis.  When we went active in the 10th Mountain he was one of the seasoned veterans they assigned to us for leadership.  SSG Lewis had combat experience so he would always give us insights to things we had no way of knowing or learning through exercise.  He loved his job and wanted us to have that same passion.

Lastly I think of the guys who went through Airborne School with us.  Going through such an intense elite school as the US Army Airborne school you see men and women who are dedicated physically and mentally to their assigned complex tasks.  It takes courage and determination to be Airborne qualified, and those who successfully complete the course have unparalleled confidence in their ability to overcome any challenge.

After three years of active duty service I left the Army as an E5 Sergeant.  I was proud of the accomplishments I had made and the quick rank I achieved.  I felt when I left there were very few things in life that I could not accomplish if I put my mind to it!

College – In my second attempt at college (after my Army service) I found school work to be much easier.  I worked at the community college in which I attended as a work-study student in the Information Services department, so my instructors knew me as a student but also someone who could help them.  I found myself wanting to have just as good a relationship with my instructors, as I was a good student.  Combining these two disciplines really made my time at college fun, rewarding and educational!

Work – When I started to work I found myself wanting to be the best at any position I held.  Whenever I came into a new job I found out who the go-to guy was, and then I set out to be better than them.  Not in a way of competition, but in a way to find out where to set the bar for my expectations.

Usually my jobs that have required me to be good technically and even better with customer relations.  I have enjoyed the technical aspects of my jobs, but even more so enjoy the ability to help people and solve problems with the skills I have.

I read in the Bible where it calls us to be great at whatever we do.  The Lord is just not pleased with our good works, He wants us to reflect Himself with great works!

There is none like You, O Lord ;  You are great, and great is Your name in might.  Jeremiah 10:6

Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater  works  than these he will do; because I go to the Father.  John 14:12